Get to know us to leave serenely


Hi, I’m Claire, I’m 25 years old and I come from the North of France.

4 years ago I discovered Jordan for the first time and I fell in love with this country. Since then I have made several round trips between France and this wonderful country, and particulary Wadi Rum desert. I found my place among the Bedouins who welcomed me with open arms, and I’ve met Khaled who now shares my life. Their culture and their mentality changed my perception of life that I had. And that is why I decided to take a one-way ticket to Wadi Rum with no return. So I left my job as a travel agent in France to open this website with Khaled, for you live a unique and incredible experience on Mars (oops! On Earth) with us.




Marhaba! I am Khaled, a 25 year old Bedouin, I was born in the Wadi Rum desert and I have been a guide for 8 years.

When I was child, I lived in a tent in the desert with my parents and my 7 brothers and sisters. My father taught me to work with animals at the age of 6. From sunrise to sunset I walked for miles to take them to eat in the mountains.

Do you want an anecdote ?

Once my father and I lost 2 camels. For 2 days we crisscrossed the desert to find them but without success. It was only after this long journey without eating that we returned to our tent and we discovered that the camels were there since the beginning.

The 742 km² of desert do not scare me, I know every corner of it. We grew up eating goat cheese made by our hands and drinking milk from our camels. About our accommodations, we use an ancestral technique which is still current, which consists in collecting the fur of our goats, and to weave it to make our tents. It is a very resistant material, in winter it retracts to keep the heat.

You have just read the historical part, let’s go to the romantic part. One day I met Claire and fell in love with her. Since them we live between the village and the desert where we sleep under the stars and this way of life makes us happy.

Come and share this experience with us, we have many more stories to tell you!